10 Days into the minor league season, the 2006 draft looks a lot better than it did in the offseason.

Previously, you could make a pretty good argument that 3 out of first 4 picks were disapointments.

Stubbs hit pretty poorly at Billings
Watson was a reliever that was getting hit at Dayton
Valakai was great
Justin Reed had disapointing GCL.

But there were very interesting successes in lower rounds.

Now, Stubbs is hitting .357 at Dayton
Watson is a starter with a 1.80
Valakia still great at .360
Reed in extended Spring Training.

So 3 out of 4 looking good. And most of the interesting successes are still doing well.

Dorn (32) and Logan (12) are 2 guys not doing well yet. But Lutz (19) has jumped to AA and has a 1.59 ERA, Kainer (14) is back from Kidney transplant and should start at Billings. Jordan Smith (6) has 1.80 ERA, Justin Turner (7).273, Travis Webb (8) 2.70 ERA, Roenicke (10) has jumped 2 levels and is the closer for Sarasota with 1.59 ERA.

Arneson (16) 0.00 ERA, Heisey (17) .348 and 2 catchers Rodriguez (20) .286 and Esquer (24) .308, Louwsma (29) .462