Here's a nice snipet from the article:

We have been getting e-mails of late about how we have not said enough about feel-good story Josh Hamilton this spring. It's truly a great story of comeback from serious drug addiction and one that has made headlines everywhere.

Everywhere except on this Fantasy Baseball site.

Well, here it is. We're going to gush an extraordinary amount about a player who at one time might have been considered the biggest bust in baseball draft history as the No. 1 overall pick in 1999. It will be the most we can say about a player who doesn't have a starting job.

And that was the problem. We could not ignore the fact Hamilton is still a reserve playing behind the likes of Adam Dunn, Ken Griffey and Ryan Freel in the Reds' outfield.

But now, it has become clear that we cannot ignore the results.

And a link to the whole thing: