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I think Librescu knew what he was doing and wanted as many kids to get out as possible. I'm around the same age of the German professor who died and once had a notion of becoming a German professor myself. I've taught at a tech school too, so I've actually been thinking of what I would do in that situation ever since the incident occurred. If I were in Librescu's position, my goal would have been to get as many of those students out of harms way as fast as possible. When your a teacher, you can't help but think about the potential of your students to truly accomplish something, to be somebody great. Of course I also wonder if I would have been frozen by shock, unable to do anything. It truly is amazing when someone thinks and acts quickly enough to save the lives of others.
I would never criticize someone for failing to act heroically, as it is tough to know how I would have acted myself in such a situation. I would just praise and honor someone such as Librescu who died a true hero's death.