I just have to say that I really enjoy the honesty in broadcasting from Brennaman and Brantley. Nothing against Grand and Welsh but I find it enjoyable that these guys say what all of us (well some of us) have been thinking for years. They called out Griffey today and Brantley wouldnt let it die, but he was right. They called out Valentine for swinging at 2 bad pitches after Aquino had thrown ten straight balls. While watching the game with my father today, I remarked that these guys must not have seen much Reds baseball the last couple of years, because they are amazed at things that have been going on for years, and Brennaman remarking "I am going to get off my high horse, as I was all over them in Arizona", as he was speaking about the Reds swinging at bad pitches in a hitters count. Brantley then remarked "I dont think the Reds have a take sign". Not that I like to see the Reds make mistakes or play bad ball, just like the announcers being honest and observant.