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Thread: Everyone constantly over-reacting

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    Everyone constantly over-reacting

    People will say " such and such should never be placed in that posistion" everytime someone does someting to botch a game or pops up to 3rd.

    Adam Dunn commits an error that allows the tying run to score then its "why was he out there instead of such and such? Narron is so ignorant!"

    KGJ doesn't hustle. Coniburg can't hit. David Ross oh where have you gone??

    All offseason all I heard was how Javy was overrated as a pinch hitter and now eveyone loves the guy again.

    Todd Coffey is a ferocious competitor and throws the ball hard with movement. He is a proven major league caliber pitcher however he has had a couple of bad outings and people want to send him down, and for unproven trash like burton? Some of these posters on this site are completely ridiculous. Coffey is the best pitcher we have in the pen!

    Kirk Saarlos is a sinkerball pitcher in a VERY HITTER FRIENDLY BALLPARK. He is the type of pitcher we need. Not some goofy 40+ year old lefty soft tossing bum (ie frenchie). Give the guy a break. A bad outing...

    I was one of the very few number of people that voted for Santos to make the club(and as a joke at that). Everyone was saying how he was garbage and he is washed up and now? "He's the only real pitcher in the pen?" get outta here!

    Edwin Encarnacion is a complete monster from the right side of the plate and for this team to be even remotely competitive we need him hitting. Now that he is in a little slump people might as well be comparing him to a young 3B prospect by the name of Laarson... shenanigans

    People, the season is way too long to even think about one particular play or situation this early in the season.

    A MLB manager can only play the percentages and put his players in the best possible position to succeed. No more no less. Sometimes it does work out but, sometimes it doesn't.

    Just remember whoever you are singing the praises for today/tonight will be your personal whipping boy next week!!

    I just hope Hamilton doesn't go on a 1-33 slump. It'll be worse than when the stock market crashed in 1929 here at redszone.com... People jumping out of the windows next to their cubicle typing little notes expecting someone to read and pass to their respective families. however unknown to the jumpers at the time; their fellow co-workers already discovered exactly what the mosberg has to offer. Now your screensaver is on and no one knows your password so they just turn off the computer and your last words vanish with a flash from the monitor as Larry, the middle-aged, overweight janitor who happens to be computer illiterate but does know that when you rip an electronic device's cord from the outlet it will turn off, comes trotting up grumbling about how his son is getting suspended from school for defending the honor of the same josh hamilton that you chose was worth ending your...you know... for. And then he rips the plug from the wall. Quick chain reaction here but what immediately ensues is complete and utter chaos. What started as a few jumpers because of hamilton's slump turned into a lemming esqe genocide complete with people sheeplike behavior from fellow jumpers who previously did not even know who the natural was or what he even did for a job. They only did it because everyone else was doing it or because a loved one did it first. Now allow me to paint the picture,,, Thousands of highschool juniors and senior females without dates their own age are now going tobe forced to bring their cousin from 2 cities over to maintain appearences. Whatever local factories will no longer be able to produce what they were going to produce because there are no longer any shareholders, factory workers, or visitors to buy stuff from their giftshops and the factoriesd are going to be taken over by the US government. The gov't instantly seeing the problem of no more 17 and 18 year old males to join the military and to carry on the ohio state buckeye football tradition instantly develop a plan to clone the dna from the remnants that they found from the original jumpers. Unfortunately for them (and for us for that matter) they could not separate the jumpers dna from the cats and pigeons that they landed on due to budget cuts. As a result of these mixups Ohio was completely filled with humcateons. A new superbreed of speed intelligence and pooping accuracy.

    The moral of the story is do not overeact or Ohio will become full of humcateons and we will all be belittled by them!

    sorry I thought it deserved a new thread siince it went way off topic from what the original thread was about...
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