Reds were moved from the AM dial in Louisville. Last year and for a long time the Reds were on 790 WKRD, unless there was another event like NASCAR or UofL games and it would be on 1080 WKLK. And this year were bumped to Talk 1080 WKLK completely. That's fine, both come in great, owned by the same company. But about a week ago they got moved competely off of AM to some station on FM called 101.7 FM - which doesn't even come close to getting reception here - at least for me. So basically the Reds are off the air, in probably the biggest city outside of Cincinnati for Reds fans. What gets me most is according to city wide radio ratings of all stations here in Louisville Talk 1080 was the WORST in ratings in the city. So its not like they were losing much being on the station.

I don't know if there is many fans on here from Louisville, but this ticks me off majorly. I don't know if I should complain to 700WLW for their affiliate screwing a major city out of their broadcast or the station here in Louisville. This just sucks bad.