There was much debate before the season started as to the state of the cardinals rotation vs. the Reds rotation.

Some posters stated that the Cards rotation would be just fine, because, while they had some possible weakness in the 4-5 spots, they had the top 1-3 spots "locked-down" with Carpenter, Wainwright and Reyes.

Now, Crpenter has an ERA of 7.50, but he's been injured. If he healthy he should be just fine. We'll have a better idea tomorrow when we see if he has any swelling from his bullpen session today. If he has swelling, it wouldn't surprise me if he goes under the knife and misses 2 minths +.

Wainwright started off the season getting good results even though his DIPS ERA was always higher. lately though he just piching really bad. his K's are down, his walks are up, and his ERA has now reached 6.14.

Ryes has had 4 starts , 4 losses, with an ERA of 5.73. he's actually looked a little better than that, as he generally has 1 bad inning per game, but it's usually really bad. He's K's quite a few, but gives up lots of HR's.

Wells is 1-4 with an ERA of 4.70. He started off well, but has piched very badly lately. he's also giving up HR's.

Looper has pitched an ERA of 1.91, though he hasn't pitched really that well, with a DIPS ERA of 3.90. There's nothing wrong with that.

Keisler really sucked and is gone. No one knows who will start in his place Tuesday, but it won't be Carpenter. Maybe Hancock or Thompson.

Meanwhile, our worst starter sports a DIPS ERA which would rank 2nd on the Cards rotation (4.53 Milton).

As long as our starting rotation keeps pitching close to this well, we still have a chance. it's always easier to get the offense going.