I just moved to Louisville from Houston and have Dish Network. In Houston, I would always (ok, 99%) be able to watch any Astros game on FSN, and non-Astros games on other regional FSN channels would be blacked out (a problem that I remedied by purchasing MLB EI, which obviously is a bygone era for Dish customers).

Today, after having my Dish hooked up in Louisville, I discover that I can somehow still watch the Astros-Brewers on FSN Houston, but the Reds-Pirates game is blacked out. All other regional FSN baseball broadcasts are also blacked out - everything but the Astros. This leads me to believe that Dish has messed up and not updated my account to reflect that my new local team should be the Reds, so that their games would not be blacked out, while the Astros would be.

However, Dish tells me that the Reds-Pirates was blacked out on FSN in Louisville today. Can anyone confirm for me whether or not they watched the Reds on Dish Network in Louisville or in Kentucky? I do not believe these morons and would appreciate any input that local fans have.