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We had a few people break well known board rules then spend more time complaining about how the rules are stupid. Then people starting complaining about rep points which led to other people complaining about how they have lost rep points and what they lost points for.

As far as the rules go if you don't like the rules here go elsewhere. No one is forcing you to post here but game threads are not the place to complain about the rules of the board.

As far as rep points go if you have a problem PM the person that gave you rep points or ignore it.
This all nailed the worst parts of the 'game thread' last night, IMO.

For the newbs: You don't talk about rep points!!

The most unfortunate and disturbing part of last night's gamethread is that many of those most passionately and virulently whining about rep points are people who absolutely SHOULD know better.

Additionally, saying "so-and-so SUCKS" is about as intellectually lazy and uninspired as you can get and it doesn't add a damn thing to the gamethread.

I think one of the best aspects of the game threads is sharing in an experience--both the highs and the lows--of one of my favorite things, Cincinnati Reds baseball. I like the off-the-cuff humor, griping, and analysis, but things have been going way, way overboard lately and I don't want the best members of this site run off because of that.