Personally, I look at the game threads to gather opinions about what's happening from someone who's watching the game live, because I rarely get to see the REDS. I'm usually viewing the gameday via Sportsline or, or Yahoo, or Fox (they all offer different things).

So, I'll ask questions...or share in the joy, or anticipation of the game. A perfect example of what I like to see is what coach said regarding Ross, that although he's been in a horrible slump, he seemed to be doing a little better last night. That's something I can't tell looking at GameDay, because it just shows him sitting there with his bat on his shoulder (strike looking, strike looking, ball, ....). I assume coach was referring to the shot that went to the outfield. I also like hearing what people say Jeff Brantley is saying. I hear a lot of negative about Brantley on this board, but I do like hearing what he has to say. I find him to be extremely knowledgeable, and I like the fact that he doesn't mind saying exactly what he thinks.