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This is a fantastically interesting discussion, although I know the old timers are probably totally bored since it happens every year.

All of the threads I start go into Reds Live! for the exact reason you gave. I want everybody to have a chance to comment on them.

That said, lots of the threads I start are "light weight" threads. That is, I love the "what's your favorite....." type threads, or imaginary scanarios because I love to hear people talking/posting about baseball in general. Whether you've been around from day 1 or this is your day 1, you can contribute and there is very little controversy so no aguments insue. Frankly, while I enjoy creating threads, most of them are not ORG worthy.

Now, someone like Cyclone, for example, he posts some heavy weight threads. Lots of indept statistical research, charts, graphs, etc. That should be in ORG because people want to discuss the numbers without it falling apart into a "stats suck" debate. That can happen on Reds Live.

Long winded answer but threads that are worthy of serrious discussion without the noise of "Dunn is the sux" should go into ORG. Otherwise, Reds Live is a perfect place for the thread so all have a chance to contribute.
That's a pretty good breakdown of it. There's certain things that are guaranteed to jump down a "stats make me angry" rabbit hole on Reds Live.

I've also noticed that what side gets more activity tends to run in cycles. For the most part, I'd say the healthy amount of activity on Reds Live demonstrates that we don't have an us vs. them system. ORG's just around to weed out a lot of metaposting when folks would rather talk about baseball.

I don't start a ton of threads, but when I do, it's always on ORG because I want to kick around the meat of the issue. When a major move gets made, I generally post in the ORG thread too because that's where I find the deeper analysis occurs.

IMO, just the act of having some visible standards helps matters.

So if people think the game threads would benefit from a split then I say go for it. There will be an inevitable flare up about it this summer (as membengal said, these things are predictable), but that system worked last year.