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Not to be argumentative, but would RFS62 post in the game thread if it were pure as the wind driven snow?

I agree that the shenangans can run off some quality posters, but I don't think you can make a +1 correlation between people acting up and people not posting on the game thread.

The ONLY reason I don't post regularily on the game thread is that it has way too much "noise". I believe it was WOY who first coined that term around here, at least to my knowledge.

There have been many, many enjoyable game threads over the years that I've had a lot of fun with. But when it's all a bunch of mindless yammering, it's not a bit of fun for me. In fact, it's quite the opposite.

I always go back to a sports bar analogy whenever these semi-annual conversations come around. The owners of the bar set the standards of behavior. It can either be a fun place to hang out and discuss the game, or a mosh pit. The free speech argument is irrelevent here, although to their great credit, the admins and mods have always bent over backwards to allow people a very long leash.

It seems more like a mosh pit these days. No doubt, many posters like that atmosphere. It's just not for me.

I love a good debate. Nothing better than intelligent arguments and good humor watching a game. And we've had that many times over the history of the site. But with the tremendous growth we've experienced, the old timers have all seen the problem of "noise" grow more and more.

The owners and mods really do their best to make it a great place to hang out, but it seems to me that we now have a bunch of people who seem to think it's their right to say or do anything they please.

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I think the threads are for observations that one would want archived. For general ranting during a game, go to the chat. That's what I do

Boy, do I ever wish it was like that.

And, BTW, I couldn't agree more with M2 about the rep system. The guys at the top of that list couldn't care less about their rep points. I know I couldn't. And like he said, we've been hanging out together for years. I consider many, many people here good friends. There's not much better than hanging out with people you respect and talking baseball.

The noise in the game threads, and on the site in general, makes it too much like work to search out the people I want to hear and talk to.