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I agree. I participate in maybe 1 or 2 game threads per week. It's a way to relax and talk about the action as it happens. I also read them the next day if I missed the game the day before.

If there's too many rules, why would anyone want to participate?
You're absolutely right. I've said this before - it's simply a separate form of chat really. So basically, you have two chat forums going on.

Maybe we should have a regular game thread, and a special sanitized one for those that want only play by play or whatever. If all you want is play by play.. why not just read game tracker?
Yep. It's obvious that a majority there are already using a gametracker (ESPN, CBS Sportsline) already. And are using that in order to interact on the GT.

I like the emotion during the game thread. Not the personal attacks, but the show of emotion.. Even if it's 20 posts in a row cheering a Dunn HR.
What I never understood is why some many on the GT get all worked up, as well as the arguments and personal attacks? There have been many of us participating in chat for the last several years during games, and we've never had this problem at all. I guess it's possibly different "environments" or platforms draws different types of people. But we've never had the problems, not even the need for a moderator, while in chat.

We're more laid back I guess.