So, I was watching part of the Cards/Brewers monday night when the Cards pitcher, I think it was Wells balked in a run.

But let me set this up better.

First as Wells is facing Kevin Mench, Sutcliffe was all over him about his pitching. Talking about wasted pitches. Now I am thinking at some point he'll mention Hancock and the effect his death must have had on the staff, but nope. not a peep. Mench singles, and advances to second on the throwing error. Now you figure he might temper himself here, but no. he's all over him for making the throw.

Then Mench steals third. The Cards heads are not in this game at all. WHICH IS FREAKING NORMAL!!!

Then come the Balk. Sutcliffe is all over him for this. He says, and I am paraphrasing a little here "... There is no reason for a major league pitcher to lose focus like that. You have to be aware of the situation... blah blah blah."

I had to turn the game off after that. Rick Sutcliffe was more interested in hearing himself speak, than he was in sounding intelligent. He wants to show his knowledge of pitching, but he ignored the larger picture. His broadcast partner was uncomfortably silent at this point.

Perhaps later, he was better, but for a good 5 minutes his insensitivity and myopic focus forced me to change the channel.

Big picture Rick. It's ok to step back once in a while.