of the ridiculed "veteran presence" some bring to this club...if a playoff run exists, this doesn't hurt:

From today's Post:

JEWELRY SHOW - Mike Stanton brought in his treasure in less-than auspicious manner - a white plastic bag with a silhouette of a cow and the words "Gold's - Best Meat in Town" on the side.

It wasn't meat inside the bag, but ice - as in jewelry. Reds reliever Eddie Guardado asked Stanton if he could bring in his rings from his Houston-area home so Guardado could get a peek at the treasures.

Stanton brought all of his rings in, all eight of them. He had two National League championship rings from his time with the Braves and a 1995 World Series ring from the same team. He also brought in World Series rings he won with Yankees in 1998, 1999, 2000 and an American League championship ring from the Yankees in 2001. Stanton actually has two 1999 World Series rings, the official ring and a players-only ring that Roger Clemens had designed and the players paid for themselves.

"The Reds better dig real deep if we win one this year, 'cause I want a big one," Guardado said.

Several players took turns trying on the rings, including Guardado, who came out with five on one hand to show his teammates the jewelry.

"That's all I want," Guardado said. "I've done everything else. I want a ring."

Stanton may have the most jewelry of any current Red, but he's certainly not alone in the possession of the game's biggest prize. Bronson Arroyo won a World Series ring with Boston in 2004 and David Weathers won one with the Yankees in 1996. Jeff Conine and Alex Gonzalez were teammates on the 2003 Marlins and Conine was also a part of Florida's 1997 World Series winners.

The 2003 Marlins ring is the largest World Series ring ever, with 229 diamonds.

"Hey Gonzo, bring out the real jewelry," reliever David Weathers said as others were admiring Stanton's hardware.
Too many of us are so willing to dream of Votto, and Bruce and the like...but if we are close in September I'm counting that these guys will be a major part of learning how to handle it and thrive...

By the way, 229 Diamonds ...are you kidding me??...wow...guess my wife really got shortchanged