Mussina is on the wire....

I can always use an extra starter... to throw in for a trade later in the year.

My staff is as follows..

J. Santana
J. Nathen
C. Ray
J. Valverde
I. Snell
Jer. Weaver
C. Wang
D. Wheeler

If I look at my Hitters....

I've been playing the idea of just dropping my catcher (B. Molina) and running without a catcher for the year....

Molina (C)
Sheffield (1st)
O. Hudson (2nd)
E. Chavez (3rd)
J. Rollins (SS)
Suzuki (OF)
Byrnes (OF)
V. Wells (OF)


Kent, Hambone, Sexson, Swisher

Right now - I'm really stuck because all my bench players can play 1st... I've been meaning to do something about that.