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Given the current roster make up and players available in Triple-A, I feel safe saying that I can't name a single manager, alive or dead, that would have this team any better than .500 +/- 1 game.

This bullpen isn't very talented and this lineup isn't very consistent. I don't care how good Hamilton is (and he is pretty damn good) -- when you've got a Rule V guy as an everyday player, that speaks volumes about the state of your franchise.

AMEN to that.... I can't stand the fact that everyone thinks THIS IS OUR YEAR.... We had some great luck last year, and as loyal as a fan I am, I knew this year was not going to be our year. I will still watch every game. I will still drive 2+ hours to the games on the weekends. And you know why?


It is very natural to disagree with every decision the Reds management makes!

If managing/GM-ing a team were easy, then the Yankees would win every year? Can you imagine being a Yankees fan? Can you imagine starting every year with a "head start" yet still failing everytime (at least in this millenieum (sp?)).

Guys, we are Reds Fans. A lot of you are bigger fans than I am, but I am yet to MEET SOME ONE IN PERSON who is a bigger fan than me. But people need to be realistic. I follow every pitch of every game. I SCREAM when we win a game on the road by one and it means we will be down by 5.5 games on a tuesday. It doesn't matter. All I know is that when we win that next championship, it will have been worth every second (dollar) that I have put into this team.

This is the one Professional Franchise that I truly care about, and I hope people realize that baseball is a very difficult and imperfect game, but a game that I love.

A lot of you (including me) scour this board hoping in the offseason that we just signed a Carlos Lee/Alfonso Soriano. I was SOO excited for opening day. No matter what happened this year, I could not wait for Reds baseball. I still feel the same way.

We are going to lose games this year. More than we are going to win probably (not being pessimistic (sp?), just realistic.) I will still be here in September and I know you guys will too. I'm just sick of the melt down after every loss.

I will be around at the games this weekend.... If any RedZoners want to meet up I am all for it....