I got to thinking today about some of the most painful moments I've been through. Looking back, some of them were probably due to my own stupidity and some of them were fluke accidents, but all of them were moments of intense pain. I know we've all had a few. Here are some of mine.

1. When I broke my arm in 2005 (@#%$ chair) and went in for the x-ray right after. I thought an x-ray wouldn't be any big deal until the darn doc wanted my arm in certain positions I wasn't really willing to put it in at the moment.

2. Slamming my finger in a car door when I was 13. Nothing was broken, but it hurt like heck.

3. Here's one every guy has been through one way or another. I was playing baseball with a couple friends in a local park. I delivered a pitch right down broadway about waist high. It was lined right back where it came from, only slightly lower than the initial release point. My glove hand was slightly slower than the baseball and it struck in a region just a little below my belt buckle. I was on the ground for at least ten minutes trying to catch my breath while my friends were standing around laughing their heads off. All the guy who hit it had to say was, "You shouldn't have thrown it over the middle of the plate."