Guys and gals, I'm very impressed with how much you contribute to the shared knowledge of the REDS' minor league system. Especially REDSZONE for maintaining the continuity that it has taken for this to develop.

It has been over the decades very difficult to find good information about a team's minor league systems. The Major League team's own websites don't even seem to care very much as evidenced by the lack of information available through them.

It makes no sense as the 25-man Major League team is just the tip of the iceberg where the majority of the iceberg rests throughout it's minor leagues.

I'd give all of you rep points if I could, so I'm doing this instead. I love this part of baseball. Please continue. Thanks.

Now, would you who again I am thanking, and who watch on a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly basis the minor league transactions, please give me your opinion on how well you think that Krivsky is doing on balancing out and improving the minor league system, based on how much time he's had and keeping in mind that he didn't have much to trade with in order to stock the system with better players.