I'm white and named my son after Eric Davis because I hate black baseball players. I admit it.

Bonds is reviled because he's a first class ass and cheated to surpass some beloved records/players the further insults our intelligence by continuing to lie about it.

For the record I dislike Clemens as much as Bonds for the jerk factor but I can respect Clemens because of his no steroid status. If they show me evidence as damning as that against Bonds he goes into the same category.

BTW I also hate latin ballplayers because I simply gloss right over any "accomplishment" I see for Shammy Sosa and R Palmero even though as a young boy growing up in the BRM era, some guy named Clemente was my hero.

As far as my aryan brother McGuire, I didn't like him BEFORE the steroids and the testimony to congress.

So yeah, I think they are on to something and not just trying to play the race card to stir up ratings/traffic.