The postgame from C. Trent:

POSTGAME: Bob Castellini came out of the clubhouse before we were let in, he was in a much better mood than when I talked to him earlier today. "Great day," he said. "Nice way to go out before a big road trip."

Jerry was happier said the Brewers will make a slide, so they're not panicing yet.

Also, Weathers was looking for me. He was already talking to the TV guys while we were still talking to Jerry -- but got a couple of minutes where we talked later. He was like, "We're cool, right?" And I assured him we were definitely cool. And that I understood as much as anything, he was taking up for his teammates the other night.

Dunn said he didn't care about the cycle -- he said he was going to make a point of thinking double if he did have a shot at a single there, just to show he didn't care about the cycle. He said, "If you're 4-for-4 with 6 RBIs, who cares what they are?" Said he'd rather have hit another homer than a single.

Junior said that if Dunn had gotten the cycle, he was going to go out and take third base as his momento -- he said he did the same thing when Jay Buhner hit for the cycle.

Also, didn't talk to him, but Mike Stanton sat at his locker ready for anyone to talk to him, just in case. I didn't see anyone take him up on it, but it looked like he was waiting until anyone who wanted to talk to him had that chance before he went to take a shower. Again, that's just how much of a pro he is.

Oh yeah, Jerry said Sunday's starter will probably be Livingston or Dumatrait -- not Homer.

Jerry: "Iím not saying Homerís out of it, but weíre going to keep him down there for a few more starts. Hopefully heíll continue to impress. Iím not going to get my hopes up for Homer quite yet. "