I'm in a 5x5 standard 12-team yahoo league. My team is currently in 1st, but I'm always looking to improve. Any help you could provide me with in evaluating my team would be much appreciated. Team below, thanks in advance!

C McCann
1B Texeira
2B Figgins
SS Furcal
3B Wright
OF Vladimir
OF Duncan
OF Hamilton
UT Ad.Gonzalez
BN Teahen

SP Peavy
SP F.Hernandez
SP Hill
SP Harden
SP Lincecum
SP Hughes
SP H.Bailey
RP Hoffman
RP Jenks
RP Wheeler
RP Owens

The biggest debate I currently have is who to play between Duncan, Hamilton, and Teahen. Obviously if one of them is up against a lefty, I'll sit them, but who to play if they're not? (I hate platooning based on a pitcher)