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I realize that marijuana is illegal in this country, but does it affect performance on Sundays? It's easier to become addicted to painkillers or prescription narcotics than it is pot, and you have to believe that as much pain as NFLers go through, there are some guys out there who likely have a problem with a painkiller addiction, which can affect performance, yet you never hear of anyone suspended for that.

I'm not really sure what my point was now, but maybe someone else will read and understand what I was trying to say.
I've been around and I would definitely say that a player who played high would definitely suffer on the field. It can be argued that the rule is arbitrary because there are plenty of legal substances that can be just as bad, if not worse. However, I've worked with habitual pot smokers and, just from a professional perspective, I wouldn't recommend it for the same reason I wouldn't recommend anyone playing drunk. It really slows reaction and dulls the senses. That's a bit different than someone who needs a few vicodin or a cortisone shot to get onto the field. After the game, well if it weren't illegal, then there's no big deal, as long as they show up to practices and games straight.

As far as addictions go, they're never good, no matter what the substance.