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While I can understand the logic, I was not one who agreed with questioning the extension. I think Narron's a better manager than most RZer's believe.
Based on?
It's nothing more than my personal feeling. I understand that Narron's record does not indicate a winning manager. I also understand the legitimate points that many RZ posters lay out for why they believe that he is not a very good manager.

I've pointed out repeatedly that much of what can be said about Jerry Narron could now could have been (and probably was) said about Joe Torre in his initial stints with Atlanta and St. Louis. I still have a great concern that the revolving door in the manager's office since at least Pete was banned from baseball and maybe, given that, at least since Sparky left, that we never have an continuity from our managers.

I think Narron's a decent manager, who makes the occasional mistakes, but who overall if fairly sound, who, if given the chance, can turn this thing around. I may well be wrong and it may be pollyannish, but I think we're better served keeping someone longer rather than lopping off heads every time the team takes a turn for the worse.

This has been a very enigmatic season overall. I think Marty stated it very well about a week ago when he lamented that Narron unfairly be the victim of this team's poor play.