Seriously, when is the last time this organization produced ANYONE from within the system? Homer Bailey seems to be the Reds lone hope. Votto is batting like .240 at Louisville. I mean, just look at the players on the Reds roster, how many came WITHIN the organization? Adam Dunn, is basically it.

- 4 of the 5 starters on the Reds staff came from trades. The 5th spot is a rotating position of, "maybe we'll try this guy this time"

- Bullpen, do we need to go there?

- The starting 9 on the field is a mish mash of free agent signees and guys that couldn't cut it in other organizations, who get hot for a small amount of time here, then give an every day job to. Hatteburgh, Phillips, Hamilton, Ross were all other team's rejects and have done reasonably well here for the most part.

The main question is - if we can have an eye for OTHER teams rejects who get released and perform at least decently here - how come we don't have an eye on who in the heck to draft to produce talent? It appears there is a lot of low ERA guys here at Louisville, but who knows if they can accomplishthat in the majors? 10 hits in 5 1/3 innings from the guy just called up, isn't cutting it. There's only one every day player down here batting over .300.

This is just horrible. There's not a single guy in the Reds bullpen that can get a guy out. Signing free agent pitching rejects is NOT the answer. Invest some of the money in building up the minor leagues, not signing washed up rejects.