Well atm being a Reds fan is a little frustrating so I'm going to look on the bright side. Here are some things past and present that are good about being a Reds fan.

1. Josh Hamilton (numerous reasons)
2. GABP (super facility)
3. Cincinnati Chili at the games.
4. Nice uniforms
5. Starting Pitching has been pretty good
6. Ryan Freel (110% all the time)
7. Ken Griffey Jr. (every swing of the bat seems to break some MLB record)
8. Bronson Arroyo (pitches well and reminds me of Shaggy from Scooby Doo)
9. Billy Hatcher (Bazooka Joe bubble blowing champion)
10. Jerry Narron (hasn't completely lost it on TV yet during any of the bad relief appearances)
11. Marty and Thom (while at first they seemed overly critical, now I find myself glad they are saying what I'm feeling )
12. Gold Star Chili's cheezy commercials ( who are these bands and are they performing for free Chili ? )
13. RedsZone
14. Watching Todd Coffey run to the mound
15. Marge Schott isn't the owner anymore
16. 5 World Championships
17. The Big Red Machine
18. Opening Day in Cincinnati
19. We're not Cubs or Pirates fans.
20. A bad day at the GABP is better than a good day at work.