No panic, Krivsky says
GM says manager change 'not on the radar'

By C. Trent Rosecrans
Post staff reporter

SAN DIEGO - Chad Moeller and Marcus McBeth aren't saviors for the Reds' season - and they're not intended to be.

While the moves to call up the catcher and reliever and option starter Bobby Livingston and infielder Jeff Keppinger to Class AAA Louisville following Monday night's 7-1 loss to the Padres are hardly the moves everyone outside of the Reds front office is clamoring for, that won't sway general manager Wayne Krivsky, he said after the game.

"There won't be any panic, either," Krivsky said. "We've played how many games? 39?"

With Monday's loss, the Reds have lost 24 of those 39, including four straight and 11 of the last 13.

Krivsky reiterated his confidence in manager Jerry Narron and said a change in managers "isn't even on the radar."

"We're doing everything we can to win games," Krivsky said.
Frankly I think it would be good if we can calm the panic in the streets - frankly, cool heads are needed. I've said it repeatedly that I'm glad Castellini and Krivsky are not panicking - I think this club can work through this and be the better for it.