I have a question which I'm sure has been discussed somewhere on here of late and I've just missed the thread. So if someone can just show me the link or else kindly post a reprise I would really appreciate it. Here's my inquiry:

If Jerry Narron were to be fired, do you think Jonny Narron (sp?) would necessarily leave the team, too? And if both of the Narrons were to be done, what kind of support network would that leave for Josh Hamilton? To what extent do you think this should matter in any decisions that BCast and WayKriv make about the future and direction of this team?

So much has been made of Hamilton's NC connections to the Narrons and that built-in support network. As I try to decide for myself how I feel about Narron as the Reds manager, I can't seem to get past this issue concerning Hamilton. I have to think he's part of the future face of this franchise and I think he is an asset that you protect. Can we fire the manager, possibly lose the video coach, and still have a support network for Hamilton?