I'm in a 12 team Yahoo points league and have gotten an interesting trade offer that I'm thinking about. In our league, the points categories (for pitching) are:

IP (3)
W (5)
L (-2)
SV (10)
ER (-2)
BB (-2)
K (2)
HLD (5)

Basically saves got so many points because the commissioner and his buddy had a lot of closers after the draft (a load of crap really, I know). Anyways, I have a pretty strong team and am currently sitting either first or second every day depending on how my team does. My current pitching staff is (up to 4 DL spots don't count against me):

SP: Roy Oswalt
SP: Braden Looper
SP: Justin Verlander
SP: Tim Hudson
SP: Felix Hernandez

RP: Ryan Dempster
RP: Dan Wheeler
RP: Hideki Okajima

BN:Tom Glavine
BN: Ian Snell
BN: Mark Buehrle

DL: Phil Hughes
DL: Pedro Martinez

My pitching staff is decent except for relievers where, since saves and holds weren't worth much, I didn't draft anyone other than BJ Ryan and Dempster. So I have been trying to dangle a starter or Josh Hamilton out there to get a closer.

Here was a trade offered to me:

I trade: Verlander
They trade: Mariano Rivera

I know Rivera has struggled so far this year but it seems like 3 apparences have really changed his stats (1.2 innings, 9 ER - his other appearences are 12 IP, 1 ER).

So do you think this is worth the risk? Verlander has been a solid starter but I'd keep Oswalt, Hudson, and Hernandez before him. Plus, with his delivery, I think him and Hernandez could both be prone to arm injuries.

Any opinions appreciated...