I'm kind of reluctant to post these, but, I hope that you enjoy. I got these tidbits from my cousin/best-friend, who's a journalist in Cincinnati. He's got some rumors that may or may not have legs, as these are kind of an amalgam of journalistic feelings and tidbits from the FO that are swirling in the Nati. He is what I have, verbatim

the Reds rent ready to concede yet on this season, and it kid of looks like krivsky is still trying to put the team at the head of the pack.
what I know is jerry narron's job is safe, which mirrors what krivsky has said to various outlets around town.
the team is actively pursuing chad cordero from the nats, even though they filed a grievance against them just a day or two ago. krivsky is willing to drop it if they think they can complete a deal with washington for Bullpen help. bwden originally asked for dunn, and the reds balked. right now they are offering ken griffey jr., but they also want brian schneider if they are trading jr,. The reds also kinda want jon rauch, but that apparently would take joey votto and a pitcher that isnt homer bailey from the minors. they've also asked about shawn hill and jason bergmann who are both on the dl right now.

krivsky is also trying to dump kyle lohse, and he is scared out of his mind that at his current rate, he will have no trade value by the time a deal can be done. one offer they made was to the yankees for brian bruney, but new york didn't dig that at all, and theres kind of nothing going on there right now.

the reds have somehwat soured on david ross' bat. they've kind of curiously asked about aj pierzynski and michael barrett.

they are also somewhat concerned that aaron harang is hurt.

cincinnati may have asked oakland about rich harden, and they are interested in him as BP help not as a starter, but oakland wants bailey and more.