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Here is a suggestion. I think it has merit but who knows. Why not have a mod-for-a-week program? Let the people who are new, but not too new, get a chance to see how the other half lives. Maybe if everyone at some point in their Redszone life gets to experience the headaches and sleep deprivation that go along with being a mod there will be less griping? Maybe that is not possibly logistically. I don't know. If that is a dumb suggestion then just know that my evil twin sometimes trolls this board. =)~
Its not a dumb suggestion, but you have loose cannons when it comes to power as well as everyone who would be trusted.

A person makes a post, nonoffense and good hearted in nature and just out of spite for past agruements etc..its deleted, closed etc. Realize I am not speaking about anyone in general. However, it happens.

I've modded a site of 2,500 people or more. I was a "manager" of the community and I knew how short-tempered peoeple were even among friends. Things get said, power gets abused. It happens.