I'm not sure "lack of logic" would be the way I'd put it exactly and I differ in that I think closing a thread when alot of members get out of line is more understandable than when it's only one or two members that have multiple posts that disrupts things.

But, otherwise, I think we're asking the same question: where should the focus be? Say you have a thread where people are being civil, asking thought provoking questions and engaging in civil discussions without the humor getting too out of line. If one or two members start making posts in the thread that cross the line into inappropriate stuff do you close the thread which ruins things for everyone else or focus on the specific poster(s) that are the problem? It almost seems like the current policy could enable a member in that if they're in a rotten mood and want to take it out on someone they could just start spouting off in any thread, end up with the thread closed, and possibly get away with it if they so choose.

I want to make it a point to say that I'm honestly not trying to start something with the specific poster in the thread that prompted this discussion. I have no problem with him/her. As far as I know, I don't know them at all and for all I know they could be someone that I could become good friends with offline. Who knows. That isn't MY focus. This is just about closing threads. I've a hunch that some may think this is much ado about nothing and a tired subject. I've been a member for less then a year so I don't know what happened and what was discussed and tried in regard to the site policies in the previous 8+ years. I do realize that this topic was touched on a few months ago along with the suject of a certain former Red. And yet it seems not much has changed. Maybe it's time.