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Thanks for the feedback. It is not possible to do what you're proposing; though you put some thought into this, which I always appreciate, even if this were possible, I would not be in favor of implementing it because it inhibits discussion rather than promotes it. You're always going to have a handful of people that disagree with the rules or enforcement of them, but I don't see anything subjective about them. I do agree with your point about the small, repeated rude behavior and that's probably something we need to look into more carefully and frequently to the extent that the moderators' free times allows. Thanks again...
Thanks for the reply. It was something that popped into my head after posting to the RZ and mowing the grass. The idea may not work for this site, but it did not take much of my time. Psychology is my field and social interaction is what I think about much of the time.

May Redzone become an empire of Redleg discussion.