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The discussion about the thread in question basically started and stopped with this:

This is from post 1 in the thread, and already the discussion is little more than baiting. The discussion that followed consisted of posts that can be summarized as:

-pointing out a flaw in the article's premise
-historical context for why the article may be flawed
-a personal attack (in a polite manner)
-a personal attack (that has been deleted)
-thread closed, with moderator statement

...and the first two responses were hardly stated in a way that read as "oh, wow, this article brings up a very good discussion about local issues. Let's provide counterpoint!"

A thread was started that had no future or ability to be discussed without becoming a flamefest.
What you consider baiting, I consider stating an opinion. Are we not allowed to have those in the Political section anymore? It's not like other threads haven't been started with a strong opinion:

The Party of No! was praised by some for their selfish obstructionism but the reality is looking more and more like their screams of No! wasn't so much about blocking legislation and really more about an endemic laziness. They don't want to pay taxes. They don't want to work. Jeeps what an attractive political brand-for pot heads.

Anyone want to defend this? I think the Tea Party Chickens are coming home to roost. Time to draw back a bit, eh?

As I said in the other thread, this is scary-crazy. Bachmanish, even. But it's real.

My guess would be these numbers would be greater in the South than elsewhere. Not that I think race plays into it....

I think it was Scalia that asked during recent arguments whether the lawyer thought that the south was more racist than other parts of the country, as if this were an absurd question. I'm not sure it would be proper to answer a Supreme Court justice, "Well, duh!"

Anyway, this is absolutely ridiculous. I don't know if any of the Republicans on this board would defend it; I don't see a lot of radicalism. If so, go ahead.

I didn't notice any of those threads being closed nor would I want that. I'd much rather have someone introduce a subject and give their "take" rather than simply saying "discuss".

In this case I introduced this subject of the gay lobby managing to shut down an innocent event at a family friendly amusement park along with my disgust. If someone can't handle that w/o a personal attack then that's on him. I posted the subject because I thought this is ridiculous that the gay marriage issue had this result at a non political venue. It was not my intention to bait anyone. I don't care about whoever "anyone" is. I care about discussing openly, provocative topics