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Henry agent denies report

Marvin Frazier, the New Jersey-based agent for Bengals wide receiver Chris Henry, today denied a Kenton Country prosecutor's claim that Henry failed a drug test.

"The final result is negative," Frazier told the Enquirer. "It's all (nonsense)."

Frazier said he talked this afternoon with Bengals player relations director Eric Ball, and Ball told Frazier that the final test was negative.

Ken Easterling, a Kenton County prosecutor, today said initial results indicated that Bengals wide receiver Chris Henry failed a drug test.

However, Easterling stressed that Kenton County is awaiting final analysis from the Kentucky state lab.

"We cannot confirm or deny (Henry's test sample) contains a controlled substance," he said.

Easterling talked to the Enquirer following comments made by Kenton County prosecutor Gary Edmondson, who told television reporters this morning that Henry failed the drug test and that he could be facing jail time.

This afternoon, the Bengals released this statement:

"For Chris Henry to return playing NFL football, the Bengals understand that he must comply with certain legal and NFL-related procedures. To date, to the Club’s knowledge, Chris has been complying with those procedures, and the Club is not aware at this point of any circumstance in which Chris has not complied with his obligations.

"With respect to the Northern Kentucky proceedings, reports to date may not be based on complete information. More information is expected to be made available shortly, once all the procedural tests are complete, and the Club will await any action until that information has been released."

Henry must serve an eight-game suspension in 2007 for a series of off-field incidents. The suspension was issued by NFL commissioner Roger Goodell in April.