GIK and I have already received numerous private messages and emails from members who previously had access ORG posting access and no longer do, as of today. I can definitely understand your frustration with that - I really can. However, allow me to at least explain why we felt this was a necessary change for the site in the long run.

When the reputation system was implemented, the variables we were using kept users from getting promoted to the ORG too quickly because reputation "power" was fairly low, since the system was in its infancy. However, speaking in hindsight, as the system evolved and reputation scores climbed higher and higher, posters began to gain access rather easily - I can think of a few non-members that complained about the reputation system, so a few ORG members left positive reputation for them, and before you knew it, they were in the ORG. We also so this happen when a new member joined the board, made a great first post or two, and once they attained the very reachable minimum registration time and post counts, they were in.

Another problem we didn't account for is that people had completely different interpretations as to how the system should work. Some users left reputation for what they perceived to be quality posts, while others gave out positive reputation points for posts they found humorous or to their friends. Some people refused to leave negative reputation altogether. The point is that reputation points became weighted unequally in a variety of different ways, and GIK and I both agreed to do away with the system altogether.

When it became apparent that we were looking at making drastic changes, we were also in agreement that we should select a set number of existing ORG users whose posts and attitude towards others best exemplify the values that the site was founded upon. Along with input from the moderators, we trimmed the existing ORG access list down from over 450 to 240 because we felt it was a necessary step, due to the inflation that had occurred with the reputation system. That's not to say that those who no longer have access didn't deserve to be there (although I do feel that way about a handful of people). It is, however, a necessary evil in order to cut down the revised ORG member list to a number that GIK and I felt comfortable with.

I can personally say that the last 50 or so users I elminated off my revised list were very difficult decisions. Besides the two most important factors (quality of posts and how well they treat other members), some of the criteria I considered were how long the user has been registered, how often they post, if they have contributed to the site financially and if they've broken site rules in the past, and if so, how often and to what degree. Those were just some of the factors I used to help make a very difficult decision as to who should be on the ORG list. GIK and I also agreed that it would be much better to have too few initial ORG members and allow for deserving posters to get in via the new process, as opposed to having too many posters in the ORG - some of whom probably should not be there.

Finally, please do not continue to private message or email GIK, the moderators or I asking why you no longer have access. With only a handful of exceptions, there is no single reason, but it's a matter of us starting with a number that each of us felt comfortable with moving forward. All questions and concerns about the new system should be posted in this forum.

I sincerely hope that you stick around and continue to make quality posts in the Sun Deck. With ORG members no longer posting there, your posts will especially stand out. If enough people feel that you should be a part of the ORG, I'm confident that you will be there again before long.