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If this board is so good, why would you want to leave it? You can still post, you can still read, the only thing thats changing is the 'mess' of things that had developed.
And it's comment's like this that make us "unworthy" posters, feel like it's a popularity contest and that we're direct blame for everything. Reds44, I feel most upset for him. I think I've known him from another forum board and if its the same kid, I have FULL respect for him.

Moving on, I am only commenting on this thread once with my statements. I got the 200 rep points, I posted a joke about getting in to ORG. I stayed in Reds Live!. Why? More conversations, people who you could actually have a conversation with that didnt just ignore you and move on. There were alot of us that did make good posts. We were overlooked or just plain ignored. It happens. It's a internet message board that wants to think it's a Illumanti society where only the "chosen few" can participate in "enlightened conversations" about baseball.

The rest of us..we are what you just called a "mess". So...I have to say this. If we're going to split into two. I'd rather stay where my senses aren't assualted. Where I can be unkempt, unruly and my defenses aren't devoured by spoil bought arrogance. If I have a audience of the most prestigious or not, I'd rather stay with the low and the decadant.

Poverty builds character.