To tell you the truth, I kinda actually feel bad. I just feel like the carpet has been ripped out from under me???? I mean don't get me wrong I am not boo-hooing or feeling like I just lost my best friend, but I am quite bummed out by this whole thing.

At 1st I just thought oh well no biggie I'll just post on the Sun Deck I'm sure it will be fine and everything will work itself out in the end. But as I carried on with my usual business I just noticed that this new situation has stuck with me and I feel like I am being cheated somehow. Not because I can no longer post on ORG but because I can no longer post on ORG.....AND if I do get to ever post there again I can't post on the Sun Deck anymore. It just doesn't seem to make any sense too me.

So I have a few questions maybe someone who has some answers can help me with.

1.) What if you are nominated and voted into ORG, do you have any say in not going? Not that I wouldn't necc. want to go but perhaps some (who it might take awhile to get there) would rather stay where they are comfortable.

2.) If someone is nominated and voted in, is there a Veto process by those with the power? Should/Shouldn't there be?

3.) How long does/will this Nomination/Voting process take? (Approximately of course).

4.) Why would you want to split us all up, has it been that bad babysitting us?

5.) At any point (preferably sooner than later) will consideration be given to allowing those with ORG status to post on the Sun Deck. And if not, why?

6.) Where/why the Origin of the name Sun Deck?

Again I am posing these questions just out of some slight degree of shock mixed with a little emotion. I have been here for only a couple of years but I feel like I am now being forced out of my comfort zone (which if I wanted I would post on Reds.scout or something), which is why I come here to a large degree. I know the people and their expected reactions (to some extent) to Reds related material, and whether I agree or disagree with them I appreciate certain things about them all. I mean afterall I come to Redszone as much for the people as I do the news, etc.

I feel like I just got barred from Cheers and told to go down the street to that new bar that just opened up until I can learn to hold my liquor a bit and once I do, I can come back but I can never go to that new bar again. The only difference is I can't sneak into the Sun Deck every now and again and catch up with a few of my new pals. And furthermore I can't bring them into Cheers w/o permission from the whole Daggone bar.

I mean I can live with the idea of not coming back until I can hold my liquor, but not going back occassionally to the new place might just force me to quit drinking alltogether!

Am I alone here, or am I just too damn drunk right now?