Before everybody starts packing their things and leaving, I want to applaud the decision made by Boss and GIK. Since this forum has been split today and this new board was created, I have seen many posters vent their frustrations about it and feel like they have been suckerpunched in doing so.

I have made attempts at starting message boards for the Bengals and Kentucky Wildcats, as well as attempts in running sim leagues, none of which were ANYWHERE NEAR as successful as Redszone. However, this website has been growing and is at a point where this decision had to be made due to the quality of the board degenerating. Trust me when I say that this was not an easy decision for them to make.

To those of you who are on the outside of the ORG and looking in as well as to those who are new to the board, take time to read the posts in ORG and learn. I'm not saying you have to copy a specific poster or quote Bill James, Sabremetrics, or whatever, but just take the time to learn what makes a quality post and what doesn't.

Take it from me, I started posting on the board when I was 14, which would probably make me one of the youngest posters at the time the board was created. I joined, but I had an altercation and was banned but allowed to return. I learned the hard way that if I was going to stay here that I was going to have to grow up and conform to the standards that were set in place not only by Boss and GIK, but the veteran posters who were here originally.

I could have left for other message boards(Fanhome was popular at the time), but I wanted to stay because I knew that in time that this board would be very special. The decision that Boss and GIK have made in regards to the board I believe will be very beneficial to the site and you will see not only more growth on Redszone, but a lot better quality. We might see some posters weeded out, but that's life.

To Boss and GIK, hats off to you guys. If we had the reputation system still in place, I don't think there could be enough to give out. Not only to you guys, but the mods as well. Chip, Paint, Joseph, Zombie, R4L, macro and Ochre. You guys have the most thankless and merciless job on this board and it is very appreciated.

Thanks for everything, and I honestly believe that this board will continue to grow and thrive.