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Isn't that an argument for policing ORG members?
Nope though I've been won over by sending everyone to there own corners for everyone's benefit. I had to chew on all of this the same as many of you are. I think the changes will help the long term growth of the board.

That said, I agree Sundeck should be able to have a game thread.

I hope I answered your questions and didn't screw up the quotes too badly. I'm a little tired tonight.
Actually, I think it's a very valid argument. Any poster who was guilty of bullying/badgering (especially ORG members) other board members, regardless of the forum, should be/have been reprimanded for it.

Debate within a discussion thread is one thing; belittling posters, especially newer ones, is quite something else.

Banning ORG from SD would not be my choice in dealing with it, but I guess it will work! It's like separating battling children, instead of punishing those who are to blame. It's easier that way.