In a keeper league with minors

I get-
3B-David Wright
SS-Rafael Furcal
SP-Chris Capuano

I give up-
SS-Jose Reyes
SP-Ervin Santana
RP-Jeremy Accardo
SP-Bronson Arroyo
SP-Homer Bailey*

While I hated giving up Reyes, I think Furcal is starting to heat up and can at least replace the SB production in Reyes. He also is batting second in the order which means more chances for RBI. I also wanted a keeper third baseman for the future, and Wright fits the bill. I have Troy Glaus as well, but I wanted to try and dangle him for a starter, but he can play SS if needed.

I'm starting to think Santana is not going to be that good, and Accardo may be good for only this year. The reason I was willing to give up on Bailey is because fantasywise, I didn't want to risk his development in GABP.