The Mets trade might not be so unrealistic with Shawn Green out for the season. I think I'd try to move Jr. before Dunn though. I've got lotsa love for Jr. too but changes need to be made.

I think as the deadline approaches, moves will be able to be made with the following dudes:

*Stanton (unless he spontaneously combusts)
*Conine (really!)
*Dunn and / or Griffey (makes me sad to think about it!)

Stanton and Conine might bring potential that is a few years away. I'm not saying it'll be anything great.

Freel could bring something a little closer.

Dunn could bring guys who will put on Reds uniforms this year. Griffey might bring a guy who needs a change of atmosphere but the Reds will need to chip in some jack.