What are those events that you would consider "must attend" events for a sports fan? I think there are a few things that if you are a sports fan you should make it to at least once, even if you're not a fan of that particular sport. Here's my list.

1. World Series. Of course that would top my list just because it's my favorite sport.

2. World Cup, preferable the final. I don't think I need to elaborate.

3. NCAA basketball final four. I would add the NBA finals in there, but I'm not much of an NBA fan. The college final four seems to be so much bigger, at least to me.

4. Stanley Cup final. Playoff hockey is the best, the finals...even better.

5. Super Bowl

6. I'm not a big auto racing fan, but the Indy 500 and the Grand Prix of Monaco stand out as premier events that would be nice to attend at least once.

7. Kentucky Derby. I'm not much into horse racing either, but this race is somewhat iconic.

8. The Masters. I'd rather play golf than watch it, but this would be a good one to make it to at least once.

That's the list of events I want to make a point of attending. Of all those, the only one I've managed so far is a World Series game, but I was only 7 at the time and my memories are somewhat vague. Some of them will be harder to manage than others, but barring an early demise, hopefully I will make it to the rest.