With gas prices being what they currently are, I've found myself in the market for a cheap, reliable means of everyday transportation. So, I went in search of another motorcycle. I was thinking along the the lines of a new street bike from one of the Japanese companies but having owned a couple of Harley's in the past, I always seem to start my searches with that particular motor company.

To make a long story short, I've found what seems to be a basket case 1973 Sportster. It's really everything I'm looking for. Fatbob tanks, ape hangers, kick/electric start. Ok, so it's not really what I need and more about what I want. Anyhoo, 1973 had what is called a mid-year model with the Sportster. My '85 Sportster/Roadster had the same mid-year changes problems. Those mid-year changes with the '85 weren't really significant and easily enough to discern. The problem I have with the '73 are my resources aren't clear on a couple or five things. Any help with the following questions would be greatly appreciated.

1. Did H-D offer both kick/electric start on their '73 Sportster?

2. By 1973 everything was 12V, but did H-D use an alternator or stator on the Sportster?

3.The picture of the bike really isn't clear. Did H-D ever use the left foot brake/right foot clutch (Goofy foot!) in '73?

4. 61 cubic inch (1000 CC's) Sportster's were introduced in '72. The cylinders were changed again mid '73. (UGH!) How thin can you bore the cylinders of both the early and late '73 jugs?

5. How can you tell if you have an early '73 verses a late '73 model Sportster? The only thing that my resources tell me is that early models had 9/16" 6 point hex head bolts and the late models had 7/16" 12 point hex head bolts. Is there another way to tell on a bike that has been modified?