In a standard points league, 12 teams...(10 pts W, 5 pts SV, -5 pts L, 1 pt K, etc...)

Proposed trade:

I get:
Felix Hernandez and Scott Kazmir

I give up:
A.J. Burnett and Bobby Jenks

My current pitchers are:

SP (start 4):
Jake Peavy
John Lackey
Tim Lincecum
A.J. Burnett
Bronson Arroyo
Chad Durbin
(plus Phil Hughes and Josh Johnson on the DL)

RP (start 2):
Bobby Jenks
Jason Isringhausen
Dan Wheeler

I like the deal because Hernandez is (IMO) the best player in the deal, and saves can be picked up if needed (and are random in when they happen)...

I would probably then pick up Jonathan Broxton as my 3rd relief pitcher