I've been watching Votto's strong season at AAA. With his consistency and production I have to think that he will be a September callup at latest. Honestly, he should probably make the club before Homer Bailey. However, Homer's chances are greater in the aspect that his position isn't crowded with perfomers. For Votto to get the call now or before September, the Reds would have to free up a first baseman. Hatteberg obviously performs and is left-handed so that's not an option, and with Narron's obsession with veterans I don't see Conine going anywhere either. It seems most likely that Joey will get the call late in the year when the roster is expanded and he will see some time off of the bench with a few spot starts. I just keep getting more and more excited for the future of the Reds. It seems like the farm system has done a 180 and actually started producing multiple promising prospects. So what do you think about Votto and his likelihood of making his MLB debut this season?