My fellow Sun Deck posters, as some have noted in other forums, I have noticed a decline in the quality of posts in the Sun Deck since the big changes. In no way am I saying that the posters here are inferior to those at the ORG, but the quality of some posts seems to be missing. For example, I believe I count four threads that were started and are currently on the first page of the SD that are one line comments about the what happened during the specific game. I don't believe one line observations merit their own thread. Reds44 has started posting post game observation threads in which I think those type of posts are more appropriate.

Two reasons I think this hurts the quality of the Sun Deck board. One, it is hard to have a meaningful baseball discussion in a thread that only contains one sentence. If you are going to start a thread, put some thought behind it and make it a solid post. If you have a one sentence comment or observation try to find the thread in which it might belong. Secondly, the threads that have been started that are well-thought out and solid get lost in the mess and I have a hard time finding them. This hurts the quality of the conversation and the posters who are making good posts.

So I guess my point is I don't think a thread should be started unless you have a developed and well thought out point or question. Right now I see a lot of "useless" threads that are hard to comment on. Am I off base here, what do others think?