BA Draft tracker was updated today, with a HS catcher shooting up the rankings. Tell me this guy doesn't sound right up the Reds' alley. I just wish his name was Phil.

16. Devin Mesoraco, c, Punxsutawney (Pa.) HS (30)
The more players who slide out of the top 10 picks based on signability, the better for Mesoraco, who has asserted himself as a first rounder who was expected to sign quickly for slot money anywhere in the first 30 picks. "He, like Mills, could go in in the top 15 picks, and maybe a plan B as high as nine or 10," an AL scouting director said.
The video of this guy running is pretty funny -- arms flailing, legs spinning, he barrels ahead. Not sure what I think about him as a prospect -- though I do want the Reds to spend some $$$ on catching in this draft -- but I know he'd be entertaining to watch on the basepaths.