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Does anyone know what Dominguez' plate discipline is like?

One thing IMO that makes Ahren's bat more certain is that he has a solid approach at the plate and is willing to draw walks. I haven't really come accross anything about Dominguez to make a valid comparison here (but I'm making the assumption that his discipline isn't fantastic).

I like the sounds of Ahren's bat, and I find it likely that he will develop into a solid, but not spectacular all around player. Dominguez has the top notch fielding and hitting skills which makes him very intriguing, even if he's a little less polished.

Overall, I find this to be a pretty tough call. I really like Ahren's bat, but I'm not sure if that beats the overall package of Dominguez. When it comes down to it, I find that both would be valid picks. I'd give the edge to Dominguez, but not by a lot.
From everything I've read on MLB, BA, BP, Baseball Analysts and so on, I'd break it down like this

Power - Well Above Avg
Defense - Well Above Avg
Speed - Above Avg
Plate Discipline - Avg (Quite Raw)
Arm - Well Above Avg

Power - Above Avg
Defense - Above Avg
Speed - Below Avg
Plate Discipline - Above Avg
Arm - Well Above Avg