One thing that can't happen with the new system is for fans of other teams to mosey over here and interact with the ORG folks.

Would folks be interested in having a sub-forum where if a Pirates or Indians fan wanted to come in and kick around some topics about their teams that everyone - ORG and SD - could join in? A lot of these folks tend to be well-known posters in their teams' Redszone equivalents and, while they probably won't be consistent posters on the board, it would certainly be nice to welcome them in when there's actual or possible trades or a series between the Reds and their team or just to discuss general horse race issues.

I figure it could be like the minor league forum.

I'm curious to hear whether folks think it's a good or lousy idea? People might not care either way too, but you never know whether folks will pick up it and run with it if you don't toss it out there.